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Graphic Design

Figures and diagrams
Data visualizations
Digital content production


1. Contact

By scheduling a discovery call or emailing me you can inquire about your ideas. Together, we can determine if this collaboration is a good fit for the two of us.

2. Brief

Once we decide to embark on the project, we can start planning it. The brief is a collaborative process that allows us to settle the scope and technical specifications of the project.

3. Low-Fidelity Work

With a clear brief in mind, I generate a few low-fidelity visuals. This kind of work, usually in the form of sketches, explores the concept and creative direction of the project.

4. High-Fidelity Work

Based on the low-fidelity work and the direction we chose to follow, I build the visuals for the project and add in all the details in their final form.

5. Deliverables

Once we’re happy with the final arts, I package all assets and send them over to you.