Photographic portrait of science illustrator Joana C. Carvalho.


I’m Joana, a scientist who fell in love with telling stories.
I am currently based in Lisbon, where I work as a freelance science writer, illustrator and visual communicator.

I attended the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University and graduated in biology in 2016, specializing in evolution and development. A keen interest in communicating my research motivated me to start experimenting with science visuals and storytelling. I learned illustration, graphic design and writing principles and, today, I use them as tools to make science accessible to everyone. I design visuals that allow scientists to communicate complex concepts, and create stories that inspire everyone to become life-long learners and contributing citizens.

Do you have a project that involves science visuals and/or writing?
From editorial illustrations to press releases, to figures and infographics, to branding and storyboards, I would love to collaborate with you. The possibilities are endless.
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